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we are a racially diverse, women-owned, and women-led DEI consulting firm.

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we help companies like yours develop and measure inclusive workplace behaviors.

why work with


we create sustained behavior change solutions through our DEIx™ Framework - combining human experience science and diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) best practices.


Mattingly Solutions is a woman-owned, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm driven by our mission to improve the human experience at work. We partner with our clients to help them build short- and long-term DEI strategies rooted in data that also serve as the foundation for high-impact learning opportunities for the entire workforce.  


Since its inception, Mattingly Solutions has served clients ranging from 40 to 40,000 employees across industry (e.g., healthcare, finance, technology, retail, energy). Current clients include Vizo Financial, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO),  and Sargent & Lundy. 


Mattingly Solutions takes a  human-centric  approach to co-creating and implementing DEI  solutions  alongside our clients. Our DEIx™ Framework combines DEI and user experience methodology to each client’s unique values and goals. We use our expertise to help you diagnose, build, implement, and assess the impact of your DEI strategy and programming.    


Our goal is to leave you and your organization with a data-driven, prioritized, actionable, and sustainable long-term DEI culture change movement.  

Taking a data-driven, human-centered approach to your DEI strategy is the best way to make change happen.

- Sertrice Shipley, M.S., Co-Founder of Mattingly Solutions



Dr. Victoria Mattingly

& Sertrice Shipley, M.S.

Dr. Victoria Mattingly holds a PhD in organizational psychology and has been providing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and learning & development (L&D) consulting services to businesses and non-profit organizations for over 10 years.  


Dr. Mattingly founded Mattingly Solutions on the belief that DEI is much more than a one-off, HR initiative. DEI done right is embedded in the fabric of a company’s culture, its overall strategy, and considered in every business decision—at all levels of the organization.  


Before starting Mattingly Solutions, Dr. Mattingly worked as an external consultant at and DDI and Mind Gym, serving Fortune 500 clients. She also worked on Amazon’s talent assessment team, building innovative training solutions for more inclusive hiring programs.  


Sertrice Shipley, M.S., is Co-Owner & Chief Consulting Officer of Mattingly Solutions. She has deep experience helping organizations with annual census surveys, pulse surveys, 180 and 360 assessments, and more. Sertrice is passionate about helping organizations use their metrics to create data-backed DEI strategies.


Sertrice writes and presents frequently on issues of DEI. She has created multiple standard DEI surveys and works with clients on customized DEI surveys as well. Sertrice believes that collecting the right data is the first step to developing and implementing a meaningful DEI strategy.


Sertrice received her B.S. in Psychology from Emporia State University and her M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Radford University. Prior to becoming Chief Consulting Officer and Co-Founder of Mattingly Solutions, Sertrice worked at OrgVitality as a Project Manager and Consultant.

Our vision is to improve the human experience at work for 1 Billion employees.



With so many companies just getting started on their DEI journey and being unsure where to go next, our mission is to provide clarity and direction to internal DEI leaders by providing scientifically-valid DEI strategy and measurement services using our DEIx framework.


  1. Humans First: We care about people and profits, in that order

  2. Joy: We work with heart, passion, and purpose, while also having fun

  3. Sustainability: We co-create solutions with clients that thrive beyond our engagement. And we strive to keep our carbon footprint small, while still making a global impact

  4. Follow through: We pride ourselves in Getting. Stuff. Done. Quickly, effectively, and with measurable results

  5. Life-long learning: we provide the tools to help everyone develop and grow

  6. Inclusion: We strive to treat everyone (employees, partners, and clients) so they feel valued, respected, seen, and heard

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