Our Approach

Inclusion + Allyship Training

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Diversity training is broken. We fixed it.


Our learning & development solutions move past awareness building and instead focus on behavior change.


Our participants don't just learn. They DO.


Sample programs: 

  • Inclusive Leadership Challenge

  • Inclusion Superpowers™ 

  • Gender Allyship at Work: Glass Kickers™ 

  • EQ + You: Using Emotional Intelligence to Foster Inclusion 

Everyday Inclusion

Workshops and training programs developed to build a more inclusive workplace, one interaction at a time.

Topics include:

  • Holding Inclusive [Virtual] Meetings

  • More Micro-Affirmations,
    Less Micro-aggressions

  • ​Using emotional intelligence to foster inclusive workplace cultures

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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership development programs built for 

  • executive-level

  • middle-management, and

  • front-line leaders


Data-driven, strategic behavior change interventions that result in leading more inclusive teams, diverse organizations, and equitable business practices.

Behavior Change

Stang-up Meeting

Allyship Training

Our allyship training programs equip motivated majority group members with the tools they need to advocate for and support others across difference. 


Programs include:  

Colleagues in Hallway

Gender-Equity & Women-Centered


As a woman-owned business, it's our mission to close the workplace gender gap through our behavior change interventions, workshops, and keynote speeches

Glass Kickers™

A  gender allyship program that both meets in the targeted needs of men, women, and non-gender conforming participants while also teaching and role modelling allyship behaviors to help to end workplace gender inequity—together

Additional workshop/keynote topics include:

  • Intersectional Feminism

  • Feminine Leadership

  • Negotiating as Women

  • Unapologetically Ambitious (and not punished for it)

For DEI + HR Professionals

​We love building sustainable solutions by giving our DEI & HR internal partners what they need to effectively plan and execute DEI strategies using in-house people and resources.

DEI/HR Leader workshop topics include:

  • Assessing Inclusive Cultures

  • Selecting DEI Metrics to Measure

  • DEI Measurement Best Practices​

  • Gaining Senior Leader DEI Buy-In

  • Leveraging Allyship to Accelerate DEI Initiatives

  • De-Biasing Hiring Process

  • Retaining Diverse Groups

  • ERG Chartering & DEI Structure

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