Are you responsible for building your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy from the ground up? 


We offer packages to solve YOUR STRATEGY OR IMPLEMENTATION PROBLEMS no matter where you are on your DEI journey.  Each package begins with a 1 : 1 session with Mattingly Solutions' Founder & CEO Dr. Victoria Mattingly, where we assess your current status and develop your specific DEI goals and timeframe. 

DEI Build

Recently hired or appointed to lead your company's DEI initiatives? This package was created for you. We know this is important work and you don't want to take a misstep. We analyze where your company is at NOW and build a custom roadmap to implement on YOUR TIMELINE.,  all while reviewing any internal communications.

DEI Boost

Created for the company that has preliminary DEI goals but needs direction TRAINING EXECUTIVES and making sense of internal diversity data (EEOC, pulse, etc). We assess your DEI initiatives and conduct a diversity audit to deliver an ULTRA-SPECIFIC STRATEGIC ROADMAP for six months out to three years.

DEI Breakthrough

Includes everything from DEI Boost, but adds ANALYTICS to show how your diversity and inclusion metrics are progressing. Easy to read, ongoing progress reports and on-demand consulting ensure you we are IN THIS TOGETHER and SHOW CHANGE IN REAL-TIME. 

Add-On or Standalone Services

Don't fit into a package? Don't worry! Every package can be customized. Create your own or we can guide you towards the services that align with your company's short-term and long-term DEI mission. We take the weight off your shoulders and take the guesswork out of implementing your DEI strategy.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Wondering "what should I do or where should I go next?" Discuss any of your pressing DEI issues with Principal Consultant & CEO Dr. Victoria Mattingly within your organization, e.g., internal or external communications, team building and recruitment, and strategy deployment and subsequent measurement to name a few. 

Document Review

Get feedback on your internal/external communications and website content, DEI related or not. You SHOULD be promoting your DEI initiatives publicly, BUT you don't want to publicly or internally misspeak which could create a media storm. We are by your side to assure that your intention and impact are aligned to your DEI mission and goals. 

Strategic Workshop and Roadmap

We bring together all of your key DEI stakeholders for two 2-hour virtual sessions or one 4-hour in-person workshop. Here, we collaborate to establish your vision, mission and goals that RESONATE with your company's culture and business priorities. Then, we deliver an easy-to-implement 6-month execution plan and a long-term roadmap (3-5 years). Finally, we teach you how to measure the impact of your ongoing DEI work. 

Executive Training Sessions

Executives and key leaders need to be trained differently. 1 on 1 or small group sessions to ensure they gain the REQUIRED BUY-IN of DEI implementation. We combine data and personal to show its impact on the bottom line (ROI) and why DEI goals need embedded throughout entire company to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Virtual or in-person available.

Diversity Audit + Report

We use your internal diversity data to evaluate your company on a variety of DEI metrics and measures. Then we deliver a detailed report and comprehensive score giving you an accurate snapshot of how diversity at your company compares to others. 

Inclusion Survey and Analytics

Using our research proven methodology we interview or survey your employees and management. Worried about survey fatigue? We can also use focus groups and analyze your internal data from your current surveys. From this, we obtain the current perceptions of diversity and inclusive behaviors, and we link these measures to belongingness and engagement. Then we continually measure where your company lags and excels within each demographic to allow fluid shifting of your DEI goals.

DEI Council Selection

We help you recruit the ideal leadership team to implement DEI initiatives at your company. This team should not be appointed, but self-selected using our specific messaging to ensure the right team members apply for the right reasons. Your team members will have diverse backgrounds and equally diverse positioning in the company. 

ERG Formation and Support

Using your unique DEI goals and internal diversity data, we help your leadership identify at-risk groups in your organization.  We develop a support system for these groups and promote open communication with the DEI leaders or council.

Mentoring and Sponsoring Program

We build a program designed to promote and champion at-risk employees (female, black, etc)  by partnering them with a higher level majority employee (white, male, etc). This program will increase feelings of belongingness and engagement, with the ultimate goal of increasing employee retention and diversity in upper level leadership. We also include dialogue guides for the on-going sponsor and sponsee conversations. 

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