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DEIx® Program

Impact measurement to assess what worked, lessons learned, and where to go next on your DEI journey.


These evaluation findings allow us to more precisely plan future DEI efforts and observe what topic areas may need further direct intervention.


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Post Assessment

The MIBA gives you a baseline assessment, but the data gets REALLY interesting when you begin to see year-over-year differences

Within our MIBA™ package participants will be given the both a pre- and post- behavior change intervention MIBA™ assessment. This way we can easily observe the impact of the intervention and evaluate future directions.

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DEIx® Intervention Evaluation

We always assess the effectiveness of any Behavior Change Interventions we build/deliver to your organization. We can even build a custom assessment for any interventions we DON’T build/deliver. 

DEI interventions include (but aren’t limited to): 

  1. Training programs,

  2. DEI events/programming

  3. Communications Campaigns

  4. and MORE. . .

DEIx Intervention Evaluation

Post Intervention

DEIx® Measurement

We work with you to review your behavior-change results at difference time points throughout our one-year retainer contract (and beyond!) based on the your specific intervention. This way we can see intervention results evolve in real-time that create sustained organizational change.

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