Our Approach: 

DEI Diagnostics

During this discovery phase, we establish a baseline assessment of your organization’s current DEI landscape. We accurately assess culture and practices related to DEI using a people-first, data-driven approach. 


Sample products: 

  • Mattingly Equity & Diversity Assessment™

  • Mattingly Inclusion & Belonging Assessment™

People-First Methodology

When it comes to assessing workplace culture, we go right to the source: your people.  Our people-first methodology includes: 

  • Stakeholder/executive interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Workforce surveys

  • Analysis of archival employee data (e.g., engagement & pulse surveys)

Business Team
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DEI Diagnostics

Data-Driven Approach

In addition to gathering and analyzing employee perceptions, we take a deep dive in to other documentation and data that would allow us to understand the current state of DEI more fully at your organization​:

  • Document review 

  • Archival data analysis

  • Communications audit

  • HR policy review 

  • People analytics (e.g., HRIS data)

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  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Udemy



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