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What it's Like to Intern at Mattingly Solutions (and Why You Should!)

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Working as the Inbound Marketing Intern at Mattingly Solutions has been an extremely meaningful and rewarding experience. I am so grateful for all the opportunities and knowledge given to me at Mattingly Solutions.

When applying for internships, I hoped that the projects I may be working on would not only allow me to apply what I have learned from my courses, but provide me with the opportunity to learn more. However, sometimes, as an intern, you can feel like a burden rather than someone who can help. Organizations struggle to come up with projects to give you. This has NEVER been the case at Mattingly Solutions.

We are now accepting internship applicants from Carnegie Mellon University. Apply here:

From my first day at Mattingly Solutions, I have been given impactful projects that are important and create change for the organization. The first project I was given Mattingly Solutions was to take control of the social media platforms owned by Mattingly Solutions. I was put in charge of creating and posting all the content for Mattingly Solutions. This involves tasks such as drafting captions, creating graphics in Canva, and researching best practices for social media. While working on the social media platforms of Mattingly Solutions, I have gained greater insight into how organizations use social media to gain exposure and broaden their clientele.

The knowledge I have learned while running MS’s social media are things that I look forward to bringing into my next job. Working with social media and learning more about marketing has allowed me to use what I have learned in my psychology and behavioral economics classes. I am able to take what I have learned in class and apply it in a way that improves Mattingly Solutions. Past interns have already leveraged their MS interning experience into fulltime consulting work, like MS' first Inbound Marketing Intern, Hana Kim:

“I'm going to be working at Deloitte after graduation. It's definitely thanks to learning a ton at MS and you introducing me to so many amazing people." - Hana Kim, Inbound Marketing Intern, Summer 2020

In addition, I have been given the opportunity to build the analytics side of MS’s digital media. I have been on the forefront of building the foundation for data and analytics that will allow Mattingly Solutions to better understand how social media engagement can transform into consultations (i.e., conversions that will eventually lead to more sales). We have begun collecting and tracking data to determine the most important elements of the conversion between social media and consultations. I have been able to use my experience to pitch ideas that enable MS to use data to meaningfully impact the business. It has been amazing to use what I have learned from my statistics courses in a real-world setting, and be an important part of the team starting the analytics chapter of Mattingly Solutions.

One of the final projects of my internship is handling the onboarding experience of the incoming interns, who will be joining Mattingly Solutions in the fall. This is an incredible leadership opportunity that many people my age rarely receive. This project involves reviewing SOPs (standard operating procedures), creating training documents and recording videos demonstrating step-by-step guides to how I create and post different social media content for MS. I am extremely excited to demonstrate everything I am responsible for and show how much I have learned at Mattingly Solutions.

The projects are certainly not the only reason why Matting Solutions creates such an amazing internship experience. Unlike in other internships, Dr. Victoria Mattingly, CEO of Mattingly Solutions and Kelsie Colley, my supervisor, have shown tremendous interest in my professional development and growth.

Dr. V puts so much effort into making sure that I am making connections and getting my foot in the door at as many organizations as possible. In addition, they put aside time to review my resume and work with me on building my bullet points to describe my work at Mattingly Solutions. Furthermore, during my meetings with Dr. V and Kelsie, they are constantly checking in to ensure that the work I am doing for them allows me to apply what I've been studying in school, and learn something that will help in my future work.

Past interns had similar positive experiences working with Dr. V and team, which you can hear about in the video below:

I am incredibly grateful for my time at Mattingly Solutions. If you are interested in learning more about a remote internship at Mattingly Solutions, learn more here! And if you have the opportunity to join this AMAZING team, DO IT!!


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