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PGH City Paper: Instead of addressing their personal discomfort, men are avoiding women altogether in the workplace


February 05, 2020
At one point in my life, I had a corporate office job, where for a time I was the only female employee at my location. As the only one, I ran into strange problems that my male colleagues didn’t….

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Development Dimensions International: What Does It Mean for Men to Be Allies?


Barry Stern and I have been working together over the past few months to build a cutting-edge course, Men As Allies, the latest edition to our Ignite Your Impact: Women in Leadership℠ series, which equips men with the awareness and behaviors for helping women advance their…

Development Dimensions International: How to Talk About Diversity in the Workplace


Our first thought when we heard about the memo from the now ex-Google employee James Damore was, “Seriously? People still think that?” Our second thought was, “Isn’t there a better way to talk about this?” Arguments of diversity, inclusion, right of expression, empowerment, the Left, the Right, and all sorts of HR buzzwords have been…

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Training Industry: If Leading Inclusively Feels Uncomfortable, You’re Doing it Right


January 31, 2020

We all know how it feels to be excluded. Just think back to childhood days of not being invited to a party or having no place to sit in the cafeteria at lunch. Sometimes, we forget that exclusion is…