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We love knowing our work makes a difference for our clients. But don't take out word for it.
Here's what our clients and end-users have to say about their experience working with Mattingly Solutions.


erin doan


Dr. Victoria Mattingly and the entire team at Mattingly Solutions have been excellent to work with.  Their engagement with Vizo Financial includes creative opportunities and spaces for all of our staff to share feedback and have a voice in developing our DEI journey. 


They are organized and responsive, and keep identified activities moving forward for tangible results.  Their creativity and willingness to drill down into tough questions and conversations have encouraged our own growth around DEI and continue to propel us forward in this space. 

At AEO, we believe in inclusion & diversity. We purposefully put inclusion first because we believe having an inclusive culture is critical to fostering a diverse workforce. We chose to bring in Dr. Mattingly to speak with our technology group because of her focus and passion around inclusion. 
Her approach during the session was so inviting and resonated well with our associates. She was able to effectively run the session which required her to facilitate in person with our associates in Pittsburgh and virtually with our associates in San Francisco. Dr. Mattingly collected data from the participants before the session while also presenting data during and after the workshop which contributed to the workshop being more relevant for the participants. 
In addition, the thought leadership she shared had practical applications and provided our associates with tools they could action on immediately. We could not be more pleased with how the session turned out! 

mike cardamone


gigi gilliard


As part of the GGD ethos, it is essential that our sessions are engaging, interactive and relatable. Above these however, it is crucial that content presented is evidence-based and steeped in relevant psychological science. For that, we earnestly rely on Dr. Victoria Mattingly as our Chief Scientist.

In her role as Head of Research/Chief Scientist Victoria, (or Dr. V as our team affectionately refers to her), is primarily responsible for advising and leading efforts around data collection, data mining and

synthesizing the results of sentiment analysis as it relates to DEI&B projects contracted to Gigi Gilliard Development. Victoria's role with GG includes partnering to crystallize our ever-evolving primary point

of view, our growth methodology and content design process, while she also  involved in all scientific and theoretical aspects of content design as it relates to the Inclusion Code™©, the C.A.R.E Model "© for Inclusion and Belonging and other GD growth development projects that are commercially available.

Additionally, Victoria adeptly partners with me directly on client engagement and management opportunities particularly when and where presenting data to most senior level executives is involved.

Dr. V is learned, prepared, engaging and exceedingly professional. She represents both her own, and the GGD brand, with elegance and precision.

Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend Victoria for any and all research and data collection initiatives (both large and small). I am available at your convenience for questions and look forward to an opportunity to discuss Dr. V's capabilities further should you so desire.

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