Mattingly Solutions   is

A female-founded and woman-owned DEI consulting firm



Our vision is to improve the human experience at work for 1 Billion employees.


With so many companies just getting started on their DEI journey and being unsure where to go next, our mission is to provide clarity and direction to internal DEI leaders by providing scientifically-valid DEI strategy and measurement services using our DEIx framework.


  1. Humans First: We care about people and profits, in that order

  2. Joy: We work with heart, passion, and purpose, while also having fun

  3. Sustainability²: We co-create solutions with clients that thrive beyond our engagement. And we strive to keep our carbon footprint small, while still making a global impact

  4. Follow through: We pride ourselves in Getting. Stuff. Done. Quickly, effectively, and with measurable results

  5. Life-long learning: we provide the tools to help everyone develop and grow

  6. Inclusion: We strive to treat everyone (employees, partners, and clients) so they feel valued, respected, seen, and heard


Being responsible for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at your company can be a lot of pressure. 


You know you're doing work that really matters by making your workplace more inclusive. The issue often lies in being expected to demonstrate a measurable return on investment for your DE&I efforts.


How can you be sure that your efforts are TRULY resulting in a more inclusive workplace?

How do you even begin to measure all of the benefits of DE&I, including but not limited to:

  • Decreased turnover resulting in lower onboarding costs?

  • Happier and more empowered employees resulting in greater productivity?

  • More creative ideas coming through the pipeline as a result of DE&I efforts?