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DEIx Consultant

Do you have a track record of accelerating diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and efforts? Are you passionate about building and implementing DEI strategies? Are you a data geek who loves helping organizational leaders take a more data-driven approach to their work?  

We are seeking DEIx Consultants to do project-based work with our clients here at Mattingly Solutions. Help us scale our proven approach to helping organizations better assess, build, implement, and measure the effectiveness of their DEI interventions, strategy, and programming.  

Potential projects entail: 

  • Providing DEI strategic advisory to internal DEI leaders 

  • Co-creating data-driven DEI strategic plans, tailored to the unique needs of each client 

  • Collecting and analyzing DEI data 

  • Conducting and documenting qualitative data (e.g., executive interviews and focus groups) 

  • Client-facing project management to keep the work we do with clients organized and on-schedule  

Candidates will have: 

  • At least two years of experience as a DEI consultant (either internally or as an external consultant)  

  • Track record of improving organizational culture and talent capabilities 

  • Experience facilitating team sessions, workshops, presentations

  • Project management experience with developing and implementing project plans to attain desired outcomes and accomplish objectives within specified timeframe and budget. 

  • Conducts organizational diagnostics and gap analysis. Identifies strengths, opportunities, gaps, risks, challenges, and potential solutions to deliver organizational effectiveness initiatives and services. 

  • Researches trends and remains current with DEI Culture organizational developments, techniques, and technologies to support current and changing needs of the organization. 

  • Develops, monitors, analyzes, and reports on key performance indicators regarding programmatic practice, internal and external DEI metrics, and organizational culture and practices. 

  • Implement and maintain diversity, equity and inclusion and culture education and training for executive leadership, management, and employees at all levels. 

  • Collaborate with DEI champions and stakeholders to create an inclusive network driving DEI advancement and systems change in the community. Responsible for the desire and ability to engage with a diverse mix of employees, DEI champions, and leadership to promote trust, collaboration, and partnership between colleagues, departments, sectors, institutions, and leadership levels. 

  • BA/BS in Sociology, Psychology, Business, HR, Education, Ethnic Studies, LGBTQ Studies, or related field 

  • Coaching Certification Preferred

How to apply:

  1. Brush off your resume, highlighting how you meet the above specified criteria

  2. Build a three-slide deck for any inclusive [micro] behavior of your choice. Show us how your POV aligns with ours. Those who progress to the interview stage will be asked to facilitate their deck (in 5 min or less)

  3. Please send your application materials to with Subject: DEIx Consultant Application