Hybrid allyship training to accelerate your diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) efforts by building more ally partnerships

Why Allyship?


DEI efforts that include allies show progress 96% of the time, 3x more than DEI efforts without allyship 

Allyship is an inclusive, two-way relationship between allies & partners



Allies who work with those they serve are more likely to take the right actions for the right reasons

All In

Allyship includes the whole workforce, engaging majority AND minority groups as key players in executing your long-term DEI strategy 

What is Ally Up?

Ally Up is a virtual course Mattingly Solutions built in partnership with Udemy, the world's leading global marketplace for online learning.


Allyship and inclusion expert, Dr. Victoria Mattingly, wrote, filmed, and published Ally Up during the global pandemic in April 2020. 

Since launching Ally Up on Udemy, over 4,000 students, in 66 countries have taken the course. It's rated 4.4 stars (out of five) averaged across 1800+ reviews.

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What is "Ally Up for Organizations" ?

Online Course

On-demand, asynchronous virtual training for people wanting to be allies AND partner with allies to advance DEI efforts. Priced for scale. And built to easily integrate with e-learning platforms or however you share virtual courses with your workforce.

Wrap-around DEI consulting services built specifically for your organization (e.g., assessment, webinars) to ensure what's learned in Ally Up translates to actual behavior change outcomes back on-the-job

Business Meeting

Doing DEI right takes time. You don't have to wait to offer allyship training to motivated allies and partners, though. 


Why wait when you can start today?


Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to launch Ally Up at your organization today: