Using allyship to advance diversity & inclusion

How to connect across difference and build a better, more equitable workplace and world — together

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Welcome, from Dr. Victoria Mattingly

What you'll learn...

What allyship is and how it benefits allies and those they partner with

How to be an ally AND how to partner with an ally

How to use allyship to promote diversity and inclusion at your organization

How allies and the individuals they serve can best connect across difference

How allies can best partner with others to address inequality and change the status quo

Actions allies can take to support their partners and amplify their voices

What is Allyship?

Allyship is a relationship between an ally and their partner, working together toward the shared goal of fairness, equity, and social justice. Someone shouldn't call themselves an ally, though.


Consider the word ally to be a verb. It’s not who someone is, but what they do.

An ally is someone who:

  1. Uses their power and status...

  2. To support and advocate for...

  3. Someone who doesn’t share a key part of their identity.

For example, male allies for women, white allies for People of Color, straight allies for LGBTQ+ individuals, and so on.

Who this course is for

Colleagues Working Together

People wanting to be allies AND partner with allies to advance diversity and inclusion efforts

Leaders and HR professionals who want to create an allyship program in their organization

Business Meeting

Course Content



You'll be introduced to the concept of allyship, why it matters, and what makes for the best ally partnerships between people across difference



You'll do the necessary inner work required for successful ally partnerships, including checking your bias and leveraging your privilege for good



You'll learn strategies for connecting and communicating across difference



You'll learn how to navigate tough conversations and how to lay the ground work for ongoing, systemic change



You'll learn about the specific actions allies and partners take



You'll receive a quick summary of what was covered and encouragement to continue this work moving forward

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