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Ongoing data collection of employee feedback for reporting, actionable insights, and iterative improvements.


Sample products: 

  • Custom DEI Dashboard 

  • YouClude™: Behavioral feedback tool  

  • AllieBot: Slack-integrated pulse surveys + microlearning 

Custom DEI Dashboard

Mattingly Solutions works closely with HR leaders responsible for people data to co-build a DEI dashboard, tailored to your organization's specific DEI needs. 


We will work to ensure a positive user experience for the final product, while creatively leveraging in-house tools and resources for a sustainable solution.

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Measure inclusion behaviors in REAL TIME with our behavioral feedback app, YouClude. 

Powerful data visualizations make it easy to see how inclusive behaviors affect business outcomes, and which behaviors need to be developed next.

AllieBot: Slack bot for inclusion at work

With AllieBot, team members can DM for confidential feedback, surveys, DEI content, and micro-learning—directly in their personal Slack channel. 

AllieBot bridges the gap between data and sentiment, providing analyical insights to:

  • build DEI narratives

  • make data-driven decisions, and

  • provide accountability


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