What gets measured gets done. Why should DEI be any different?   

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DEIx™ Audit

Accurately measure workplace inclusion across your entire workforce, year-over-year.

Analyze the policies, practices, and procedures that are enabling (or detracting) from your DEI efforts. 

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DEIx™ Deep Dive

Explain your organization’s unique DEI context. Because no organization’s DEI needs are one in the same.  

DEIx™ Discovery Workshops

Discover how you can use a data-driven, human-centered approach to your DEI efforts. We provide new ways of thinking about the HOW when it comes to reaching DEI goals.

For DEI leaders who want to ensure that their measurement approach aligns with their goals and enables them to progress their work.

DEIx™ Measurement Consulting 

Hear what senior leaders think about DEI, identify your DEI champions, and start getting more executives on board with DEI efforts. 

Executive Interviews 

Focus Groups

Dig deeper into how your people feel about DEI and what they really need to feel more valued, respected, seen, and heard.