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What gets measured gets done. Why should DEI be any different?   

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DEIx® Audit

Analyze the policies, practices, and procedures that are enabling (or detracting) from your DEI efforts. 

Targeted, specific, prioritization of next steps to level-up your DEI

Other audits tell you ares to focus on without partnering with you to see what makes the most sense with your current time/resources/energy/readiness. DEI within your organization needs to be unique and given the support need to ensure resources are not wasted and the greatest impact. Thats why we are with you every step of the way.

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Accurately measure workplace inclusion across your entire workforce, year-over-year.

The Mattingly Inclusion & Belonging Assessment™ (MIBA) equips you with the data to you need to asses the IMPACT of your DEI efforts.

To demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of your DEI efforts, you need data.

DEI data rarely goes beyond tracking workforce demographics, though.


But what about inclusion and other important areas of DEI beyond diversity?

How do you know which DEI efforts to invest in if you don't know how your people are acting and how they feel?

Inclusion should be measured as the BEHAVIORS that result in others FEELING valued, respected, seen, and heard (i.e., belonging)—especially those from marginalized groups.

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