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Practicing what we Preach: Diversifying Founding Teams (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 21

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Schramm, founder and CEO of the employee connection, wellbeing, and mentorship software, Lattitude, to discuss his desire to build a diverse founding team. Executive-level diversity is a core value for us here at Mattingly—a principle that we’re proud to represent and help our clients achieve.

We know that it is easier to build diversity into the foundation of an organization if it is done from the start. This is especially true for start-ups, who are in a particularly advantageous position to embed DEI from the get-go, as they are more agile and in high-growth mode compared to their larger and more established counterparts.

Startups have much to gain by getting DEI right from the onset, including:

Pete is a great example of a CEO trying to get diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) right from the start. See our conversation below for more on how to commit to DEI at the outset:

A Conversation about Diversifying Executive Teams (Part 1)

Dr. V: Why do you want to grow your founding team?