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Virtual Spaces and Amplifying Voices: Women in the workplace

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

What is virtual work?

Whole organizations can be virtual or just some parts (jobs or departments, content, services, training) can be virtual. More broadly, virtual work could include virtual speaking arrangements, virtual conferences, on-demand online training.

Others terms used:

  • Telecommuting

  • Telework

  • Remote Work

  • Online / on-demand

Navigating the virtual world can be scary, even annoying at times, but you’re not alone

The #1 Trend in Work: Remote Work

We’ve been expecting an increase in remote work for a while now (e.g., Ahuja et al, 2003). And some have begun uncovering the best way to utilize remote or virtual work. For example, online training is a common practice for a lot of organizations (e.g., Brown & Sitzmann, 2011; Goldstein & Ford, 2002). Now a days there are a lot more flexible work arrangements – employees can work anytime, anywhere across the globe (Kossek & Lautsch, 2018).

However, with COVID-19, we’ve been thrust into a rapidly expanding practice of virtual work. We are just beginning to understand how virtual work may differ than traditional (in the office) work. Some suggest that communication patterns may be different between the two (e.g., Keyton, 2017). Further, researchers suggest that how teams experience socialization may differ in virtual working groups (e.g., Ahuja et al, 2003).

Virtual is the now and the future for a lot of organizations. Even those who are not remote, but want to reach a broad audience with their services, content and products. Remote work was also identified as the #1 work place trend identified by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP, 2021).

What is better than an IO Psychologists + Virtual Consultant collaboration? The fact that they can make positive changes for women in the workplace.

Kate Bays – your expert on all things virtual

A round of virtual applause for Kate Bays. We were more than thrilled to have this expert on our Better Humans @ Work video series. Her work is relevant, timely, and ever so critical to the pandemic / post-pandemic nature of work – all virtual everything. Check out this short clip of her full Better Humans @ Work episode.

Kate truly is “your source for all things virtual” - live streaming, virtual agility, virtual producing, virtual conferences and conference calls, virtual event platforms. To name a few. She is an Entertainment and Hospitality Wizard for online meetings and events. Kate helps busy executives and coaches host engaging online meetings without them having to learn new technology or become a human switchboard. She owns Virtual Agility, which provides consultation, event marketing, training, and hosting services for any type of virtual meeting or event.

Virtual Agility
Kate Bays, Founder of Virtual Agility

Leveraging Virtual Work for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Goals

'Virtual-ness' allows for virtually unlimited ways organizations and individuals can leverage their technology to promote and amplify voices of women. In this week's episode Dr. Victoria Mattingly chats with Kate about the possibilities of using virtual spaces to support women in the workplace. Kate provides tips on how we best serve women at work.

- Kelsie Colley, M.S.

Organizational Consultant

Connect with Katherine “Kate” Bays


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