Searching for a top-notch Chief Diversity Officer? We got you covered.

Updated: Feb 16

Mattingly Solutions is proud to announce our partnership with Baumiller Patel Consulting.

Baumiller Patel Consulting is a nationally retained boutique executive search firm led by Ronald T. Baumiller and Niraj S. Patel. Having worked at some of the country’s most trusted, prestigious, and reputable firms, their consultants have extensive experience successfully conducting searches at the c-suite including the offices of the CFO, CIO, CHRO, CMO, just to name a few.

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With a distinguished executive search career, Ronald T. Baumiller has successfully placed over 200 individuals in senior-level administrative and executive roles across the country and abroad. Additionally, with his novel approach of using a complex analytical and statistical methodology, Niraj S. Patel, serves as the firm’s Head of Research and Recruitment where he continues to build and develop a strong client list nationwide.

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For all DEI executives placed by Baumiller Patel Consulting, Mattingly Solutions will provide a highly valuable program consisting of three months of one-on-one coaching. We will efficiently work on setting your new DEI hires up for success by helping them take a sustainable data-driven and strategic approach to leading your company to be a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

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