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Mattingly Solutions 2022 Wrapped

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

If you know anything about Mattingly, you know that we love our data. For that reason, I decided to write this year’s end-of-year review based on the hard numbers…as well as a little qualitative data to top it off. Here is a review of 2022 by the numbers, organized by our three primary objectives at Mattingly:

  1. Helping organizations improve the human experience at work (client impact)

  2. Making Mattingly Solutions an amazing place to work

  3. Advancing thought leadership in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) space

Let’s start with client impact. Compared to 2021, in 2022 we have..

  • Served over 4x as many clients

  • Partnered with 3.5x more clients on custom DEI measurement and strategy projects. According to one of our clients, ““[T]he entire team at Mattingly Solutions have been excellent to work with…They are organized and responsive, and keep identified activities moving forward for tangible results.  Their creativity and willingness to drill down into tough questions and conversations have encouraged our own growth around DEI and continue to propel us forward in this space.”

  • Conducted 3x as many MIBAs (our flagship diagnostic tool, the Mattingly Inclusion & Belonging Assessment)

  • We increased our LinkedIn community by 2x and reached just shy of 50K users

  • Delivered 4x as many inclusive behavior change interventions (i.e., training programs). How were these programs received? Don’t take our word for it…here are a few reviews from our participants:

“The presentation was EMPOWERING and INTERACTIVE! Loved being engaged throughout the whole session.”
“Love your energy! Looking forward to the next session.”
“Thank you for actually GIVING us something. Today was constructive: we shared, collaborated, and I feel like discovered some ideas/things we can use…Up until this point I truly feel as though it's been talk without action…I'm leaving in a positive space and I truly haven't been able to say that in quite some time.”

Moving onto being an amazing place to work…

  • We had a record number of applicants for our open job listings earlier this year

  • We are continuing to grow our team and were able to promote and extend contracts for many team members this year. We cannot wait to see what our rock star team can do in 2023!

  • We are passing along the profits from a successful year to all of our in-house staff with a nice end-of-year bonus

And to wrap it up with thought leadership, this year we…

  • Released 25+ research-based, actionable blogs

  • Presented at 8 conferences

  • Gave 35 (!) talks/keynote speeches

  • Exceeded 10k students with our virtual course, Ally Up

  • And have gotten our book, Inclusalytics, into the hands of over 2300 readers

    • This number is over 10x as many books as most self-published books sell over their entire lifetime! We’re not as proud of the number of books sold as much as we are about the positive feedback we’ve received from our readers:

When I started Mattingly as a one-woman show in 2019, I couldn’t imagine how much we would have already accomplished a mere three years later. The biggest driver of our success is my fellow executive team, Sertrice Grice & Camaria Lehman.

Not only do Sertrice and Cam go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure Mattingly has the impact—both in and outside of our organization—we strive to achieve, but they went into overdrive when I had to take a step back from the business after the death of my father earlier this year. I am so incredibly grateful to have them by my side and I know 2023 is going to be our best year yet because of all they do for Mattingly.

What a year. I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!


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