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DEI Diagnostics

We begin all engagements with a discovery phase to establish a baseline assessment of your organization’s current DEI landscape, taking a people-first, data-driven approach. 

With our background in statistics and psychometrics, we use DEI measures that matter, validated by our data scientists and proven by our client impact. 


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& Belonging

Accurately measure workplace inclusion across your entire workforce, year-over-year.

When it comes to measuring how inclusive your workplace culture is, most DEI solutions offer a DEI survey. . .and stop there. No interpretation and no next steps. Not us.

Our MIBA process integrates both quantitative (workforce DEI survey) and qualitative (executive interviews and targeted focus groups) data collection methods.

We ensure that all employee voices are heard and that our next steps recommendations are data-driven and tailored to YOUR people's unique DEI needs. 



Oftentimes, it takes follow up conversations to really understand what's going when it comes to DEI in your organization.

We bring in expert DEI facilitators to hold safe conversations, reporting back key themes and concrete next steps based on what we heard.  

Focus Groups

Dig deeper into how your people feel about DEI and what they really need to feel more valued, respected, seen, and heard. 

Focus Groups


Hear what senior leaders think about DEI, identify your DEI champions, and start getting more executives on board with DEI efforts. 

Gaining executive buy-in for DEI begins with understanding how your senior leaders feel about DEI and how it relates to your organization's broader strategic mission and goals.

Our skilled facilitators hold structured interviews with your leaders, acquiring important data while beginning to build rapport with those in the position to make or break DEI at your organization

Executive Inteviews

A two-hour discovery session with your key DEI leader/s to uncover what has been done with DEI to date, current challenges and barriers, and assessment of historical data and communications to get the full picture of DEI at your organization.

DEIx Deep Dive®

Explain your organization’s unique DEI context. Because no organization’s DEI needs are one in the same.  

DEIx Deep Dive

DEIx® Audit

Analyze the policies, practices, and procedures that are enabling (or

detracting) from your DEI efforts. 

With our proprietary DEIx® Audit Index, we quantify areas of strength and opportunity within your people processes and operations that affect your employees and customers—especially those that may be resulting inequity for underrepresented groups.


We provide you with a detailed report, recommending research-based, systemic changes you can make to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.  

DEIx Audit

We implement short (3-5 item) surveys to: 

  1. Determine DEI education gaps (e.g., training needs assessment 

  2. Evaluate short-term progress toward DEI goals 

  3. Any other pulse check that enables data-based decision-making when it comes to advancing DEI

DEIx® Pulse Survey

Quickly assess your workforce to answer specific questions related to DEI.

DEIx® Measurement

For DEI leaders who want to ensure that their measurement approach aligns with their goals and enables them to progress their work.

1:1 Consulting
Work with our DEI measurement experts for expert advise, resources, and hands-on support.

Group Workshops
Book a live workshop for a group of DEI leaders who want to learn best practices for using data to drive DEI at their organization/s.

Survey Support
We want to further support your DEI survey collection by offering to review/revise/recommend your DEI survey items (e.g. pulse surveys)

DEIx Measurement Consulting
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