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Service Design

Before we get to work, we need to establish WHAT we'll do, and HOW we'll do it.


During the organizational service design, we share what we discovered through our DEI Diagnostics, propose recommended, data-based solutions and co-create the implementation approach. Together. 


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Advisory Retainer

Partner closely with one of our expert consultants to ensure that you’re taking the right approach to advancing your DEI efforts.  

Meet weekly with your personal DEI subject matter expert who will provide you strategic guidance, resources, coaching, and even emotional support.


Leading DEI efforts is challenging enough—

why do it alone?  

DEIx Advisory Retainer

Just getting started on your DEI journey? Or leveling up your DEI work to date by taking a more strategic approach? We got you covered.


Our DEIx® Strategy package includes, 

  1. Data collection that assesses urgency and importance of research-based DEI interventions & best practices  

  2. Two hands-on, strategic workshops with your key DEI key-holders to enable co-creation and ensure alignment 

  3. Final report out of all recommendations 

  4. Detailed DEIx® Roadmap to implement your DEI strategy that prioritizes the most high-impact interventions and key performance indicators to assess progress and success.  


Strategy Package 

Build a robust data-driven DEI strategy, hand-tailored to your organization’s unique DEI needs.  

DEIx Strategy Package

Council Build 

Build out the group of DEI leaders within your organization.

Whether you call it a DEI task force, council, advisory team. . .what you are needing is a diverse team of identities and perspectives to help direct DEI efforts at your organization.


Not sure how to select this group or how it should operate? We got you covered. 

On-the-ground support from DEI subject matter experts via hourly consulting, coaching, and working sessions to advance DEI outcomes at your organization and keep you on track.  

DEIx® Hands-On

Hands-on help to keep you moving forward and progressing in your DEI efforts.

DEIx Hands-On Consulting
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