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Ally Up Relaunch

Most dissertations, unfortunately, wind up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I wanted mine to be different. I wanted my PhD research to be applied to real-world settings and solve problems that will ultimately make the world a better place.

That was why I was over the moon when the learning platform, Udemy, offered to work with me and turn my dissertation content into the virtual course, Ally Up. Three years later, the

course has been taken by over 12,000 students around the world. It’s been translated into multiple languages and adopted by dozens of organizations as part of their foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) learning content. Most importantly, though, is the feedback we’ve received from end users—that the course has helped them be better allies and work more effectively with others from different identities.

Despite all of the success of Ally Up, though, one key feature was missing—more voices. How can we have a course on allyship, with the main point that allyship is a partnership between two people from different identity groups, with only one course facilitator? This is why we decided to re-record half of the course videos to feature Mattingly Solutions’ co-owner, Sertrice Grice.

To say Sertrice crushed it is an understatement. She brings her warm yet powerful presentation style to bring Ally Up’s content to life, adding the much-needed perspective of someone who is different than the other facilitator (me). We couldn’t be more thrilled to re-release Ally Up with these newly created videos that feature Sertrice in all her facilitation glory.

There are two ways you can check out Ally Up for yourself:

  1. To take the course as an individual, you can purchase it directly from Udemy by following this link:

  2. To bring Ally Up to your organization or group, reach out to us directly. We’ve begun coupling the course with workshops and keynotes to best support your team on their allyship journey. Contact us today to learn more:


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