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New Year, New Resources for a More Inclusive 2024

A new year means we’re coming in hot, providing new resources for our audience to be more inclusive during certain holidays and observances in the workplace. 

You may have noticed that we haven’t really used our platform over here at Mattingly to celebrate/observe holidays.  

  • First, we didn’t want to unintentionally include some holidays over others.  

  • Second, posting about the latest holiday or day/week/month of remembrance without any actionable next steps felt performative. Aside from sharing awareness about the holiday existing…nothing really happens as a result, right? 

At Mattingly, we believe (and know through research) that inclusion requires ACTION. Being an ally and/or inclusive is not who you are—it’s what you DO.  

That’s why throughout 2024, we here at Mattingly want to give you some tangible BEHAVIORS you can use to support those who celebrate certain days/weeks/months of the year.  

We are very excited to be bringing you an inclusive behavior social media toolkit that will include graphics and sample copy for each month in an easy-to-digest format!

So, for 2024, our monthly newsletter cadence will now be divided into two: 

  1. On the first day of the month, we will deliver images and captions for most of that month’s holidays and days of remembrance, directly to your inbox.

  1. Then, on the 21st of the month, we will share our standard newsletter from previous years which will include: 

    1. One big idea 

    2. Four resources 

    3. Two actions for those wanting to build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations to take 

It’s our priority to make sure we provide our audience with value and the tools they need to advance DEI in their everyday work. 

P.S. Not yet subscribed to The Mattingly Solutions’ newsletters? Head over to our Newsletter Archive page and subscribe today!


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