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DEI interventions are so much more than just training. 

DEIx™ Training Programs

Ally Up Virtual Course & Hybrid Training Programs

Reducing Racial Bias in Retail

​We offer various, highly-requested training programs that go FAR beyond the basic "diversity day" training.

These program titles include, but are not limited to,

  1. Executive workshops 

  2. Cohort-based training 

  3. Workforce training


A list of our most popular training topics is coming soon! 

Hybrid allyship training to accelerate your diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) efforts by building more ally partnerships.


This program focuses on using allyship to advance diversity & inclusion and teaches how to connect across differences and build a better, more equitable workplace and world — together.

The research is clear: Racial bias still runs rampant in retail settings. Racial bias in retail not only hurts shoppers of Color, but can also result in stores losing out on revenue due to shoppers of certain races not returning and/or bad press that can damage a store's overall brand and reputation among ALL shoppers.


One-time, industry-agnostic bias trainings do not work. That's why we built R3: to increase the likelihood that retail employee participants not only REMEMBER what they learn, but also APPLY it back on the job.

Lunch & Learns



We offer this quick, abbreviated workshop to provide you or your team a refresher on a DEI topic that you may be interested in learning more about, and don't worry it doesn't have to be during lunch! 

Webinars are a great way to connect and learn virtually. We can provide and speak to our own pre-made content, or create and present on a specific DEI subject area that you may be interested in. 

Need a subject matter expert to speak to a certain topic? We are always open to leading DEI programming and use our scientist-practitioner background to provide subject expertise.

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