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Educate, entertain, and inspire your hybrid or virtual workforce 

Virtual Keynotes

Allyship Accelerator

Hybrid Workforce Allyship Program  

Bring impactful insights to your next event with Dr. V as your keynote speaker. From mental health advocacy to fostering allyship in the workplace, Dr. V
shares personal stories and practical strategies to inspire meaningful change.


Whether it's industry conferences or DEI-oriented events, Dr. V's engaging
presentation style leaves a lasting impact, opening minds and doors for inclusive conversations and intentional action.

Hybrid allyship training to accelerate your diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) efforts by building more ally partnerships.

This program focuses on using allyship to advance diversity & inclusion and teaches how to connect across differences and build a better, more equitable workplace and world — together.

​Specifically designed for c-suite decision-makers, this service elevates your business and opens your mind to effective personal and professional growth.


We provide strategic analysis and data-driven insights to ignite inclusion and allyship among executives. Empower your leadership with education tailored to drive inclusion at every level of your organization. 

Lunch & Learns


DEIx Training Programs

We offer this quick, abbreviated workshop to provide you or your team a refresher on a DEI topic that you may be interested in learning more about, and don't worry it doesn't have to be during lunch! 

Webinars are a great way to connect and learn virtually. We can provide and speak to our own pre-made content, or create and present on a specific DEI subject area that you may be interested in. 

We offer various, highly-requested training programs that go FAR beyond the basic "diversity day" training.


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