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Authentically me: How being a singer makes me a better professional

Updated: May 21, 2021

This article was originally published on LinkedIn on March 2, 2020.

Let’s talk about what it means to bring your “whole self” to work.

Did you know I'm a professional singer? Being vocalist makes me a better professional. And no, I do not sing during my workshops. 🎤🎼😂

What I mean, is that there are certain qualities about being a performer that makes me a better speaker, workshop facilitator, presenter, consultant, and strategic partner to my clients.

Integrating elements from my vocalist-self with my professional-self makes me better at my job and a more authentic human all around.

When it comes to valuing diversity and the unique contributions we bring to the workplace, people are often told to:

Bring your full self to work

Bring your best self to work

Bring your authentic self to work

Instead of thinking of this as all-or-nothing and needing to bring your WHOLE self to work, I prefer thinking of it as...

Bring the parts of identity to work that enable you do your job even better.

Pick and choose what works, what’s appropriate, and leave the rest at home (or at the local bar/venue in my case). I will NOT be singing at any of my corporate events. But I will be channeling my rockstar self to provide the best experience I can to my clients and end users.

What parts of YOUR personal identity can you share with your coworkers and clients today?

- Dr. V

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